For as long as I can remember, I have been superstitious about the number 13. The irony that the final book of my trilogy will be released in 2013 is not lost on me. During my last week in Costa Rica, I completed yet another round of edits for Choosing: 1940-1989, knowing full well that September 29th will be upon us quicker than we can imagine.

The excitement is mounting, especially when Sara joined me for a long overdue mother-daughter vacation for our initial two weeks at the exquisite Villas Las Ventanas. She had decided to bring Arriving and Thriving with her, and after racing through both books again in two days, she started to become very insistent about reading Choosing. She experienced little consolation in my well-founded supposition that she would hardly appreciate being presented with an unfinished version.

Fortunately, the passage of time can avert many a crisis, and she had to return to the wintry climes of Alberta before she succeeded in convincing her mother that she had an irrefutable right to be the first to read the concluding novel of my trilogy. It is with confidence I write that the assiduously guarded manuscript has been returned to my editor, without having been perused by one consummate reader.

During my fourth annual visit to this beautiful country, I have once again enjoyed its rustic charm and the relaxed pace of its friendly inhabitants. Playing daily in the crashing waves of the warm Pacific Ocean and strolling along its enduring shore have readily rejuvenated my mind and restored my soul.

This year, I have had the rewarding experience of sitting poolside to observe and converse with Susan who was absorbed in Arriving, and Barbie then joining her, deeply engrossed in her copy of Thriving. Later Sybil, a long-ago immigrant from Austria to Costa Rica, promptly purchased Arriving, offering to translate it into German once she had finished reading it. When Edwin, a native Costa Rican who had studied to become a chef in New Jersey before returning home to open his own restaurant decided that he wanted to read my books, I was thrilled.

Then, this past week when an individual from Harvard University liked my Facebook, it was affirmed that my Understanding Ursula trilogy is indeed travelling, with word being spread to many different parts of Canada and the United States. Still, there is much preparatory work to be done before the launch of Choosing: 1940-1989.

Not only are my books journeying about the continent, but the story is now on the move across the Prairies with members of the Warner family leaving Saskatchewan, residing briefly in Manitoba before bringing the series to its eagerly anticipated end in Alberta. I would be remiss, if upon my return to Canada, I did not endeavour to increase my reader base by arranging book tours to Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Grande Prairie.



    • Pat Tenney

    • 11 years ago

    I loved the first two books and can’t wait for Choosing. Reading a book based in places where I’ve been and that I know well I think has made these reads more enjoyable. The story line is gripping and exciting and it is hard to put the book down for any length of time.

    1. Thank you Pat, for your gracious comments; I’m delighted you have made the time to let me know that you enjoyed my books. Without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of being an author is hearing from my readers, and knowing that they are waiting for Choosing: 1940-1989. Isn’t it wonderful a Canadian historical trilogy “is gripping and exciting!” Corinne

  1. Corinne;
    It is good to hear from you.I have been almost as busy as
    you have been. Our grandson is close to the end of his kindergarten term. We’ll miss having him here 2 1/2 days a week, but I might catch up on a few other jobs. The gardens
    will take most of my time this summer.

    I have “Choosing” on my list to find in Spruce Grove. The first two have been great reads.


    1. Daphne:

      It sounds as though you have thoroughly enjoyed taking care of your grandson. Will you have his capable assistance during the summer in your gardens? I’ve looked after my only grandchild since he was one year of age, and now that he is nine, we are already planning our field trips for his summer holidays!

      I am so pleased to hear from you; I shall never tire of expressing that my best reward for writing my trilogy is to receive comments from my readers. I have been further blessed that all of my reviews have been favourable, to date.

      Thank you for your lovely words. I would like to invite you to the launch of Choosing: 1940-1989 on Sunday, September 29/13 at 2 P.M. at the St. Albert Public Library. If you are unable to attend, you can order my last book online by Googling I definitely will sign and personalize it for you before mailing it in a bubble envelope.

      Have a great summer, and enjoy your gardens,

    • K. McDonald

    • 11 years ago

    I can hardly wait for the third book of the trilogy. I loved the first two – they were great stories, Thanks!!

    1. Oh, is this Kate, the lovely young woman I knew from Chapters -WEM? Nonetheless, I’m so glad you enjoyed my first two novels of my Understanding Ursula trilogy, and thanks so much for sharing your gracious comments. I hope you can join us for the launch of Choosing: 1940-1989 on Sunday, September 29 at 2 P.M. at the St. Albert Public Library. Corinne

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