Alyssa Rainer is on the cusp of graduating as a registered nurse and has her whole life ahead of her. Yet she is torn between two alluring opportunities: starting her career while continuing her studies in Saskatoon, or relocating from Brandon to Winnipeg, where a whirlwind romance tempts her to abandon her long-held plans. Should Alyssa follow her heart or her mind? Set in the mid-1960s, Alyssa’s young life is scarred by the death of her brother, her father’s racism, her mother’s abuse, and her parents’ tumultuous marriage, which make her eager to venture off on her own. But the ghosts of the past haunt her and despite Alyssa’s successes, the future she had envisioned does not unfold as anticipated.

Decades later, Alyssa reflects on the tough choices she made during her life, wondering, What if? What if she had taken a different path, like the doppelgänger she has been mistaken for over the years who appears to be living a parallel life—perhaps the one meant for Alyssa?

The day has finally arrived… The Other Path has officially been released.

Although this novel and its characters are completely ficticious, I identify with Alyssa and her lifetime of wondering “what if…?” There are many choices we make that define our paths and who we are in life, and I could think of many decisions that I have made in my own life that started at a split path. The characters in this book came to life and wrote their own stories in a way… I was merely there to guide them along. 

My protagonist, Alyssa, is especially dear to me as I can relate to her struggles and past experiences. I have felt the indecision and hesitancy, as I feel many of us have. I have often wondered where I would be had I not become a nurse, or a writer… or even a wife and mother. I believe it is human nature to ponder these things, and I also believe that life has led me to this place so that I could breathe life into these stories and characters.

I have been a published author for over a decade, but the thrill of a book release, and the completion of a story, still elicits feelings of excitement and gratitude. I would like to thank all of my readers for supporting me, and I can only hope that Alyssa and her story resonates with you as it did for me.

You can order my new novel, The Other Path, via my website:

Happy reading!


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