On September 27, 2007, I was in attendance when Calgary Opera presented Dame Kiri Te Kanawa in recital at the Jubilee Auditorium. Dame Kiri, as she is often addressed, was embarking upon a series of farewell tours, and I, a long-time fan, was delighted to be at her concert.

I’d had a previous occasion to savour my favourite diva’s prodigious talent, artistry, and charm when she performed at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on May 8, 1994. Nearly 20 years later, I still have a framed and autographed program on my bedside table, and every word of our brief conversation is etched in my memory. Equally imprinted were the lyrics Dame Kiri sang from a Christmas carol composed by Carl Davis in 1985: “The Most Wonderful Birthday of All.”

For most of my adult life, I have been a closet Christian. As a reclusive child growing up on an isolated farm, I often thanked my grandparents for assuming responsibility for my spiritual development, and for teaching me about Jesus Christ. During years of communing with God and Mother Nature on my solitary strolls, I have always believed that my Saviour is with me.

However, I soon realized once I started to establish friendships in school, and more definitively when I began nurses’ training, that it was not in vogue to assert that Jesus was my best friend. Subsequently, I chose to conceal my deep religious convictions. Just how successfully came to light during my western tour in October for Choosing: 1940-1989. A long-time friend alluded to how devout Amelia and Gustav Werner were portrayed in my trilogy before she hesitantly asked if I shared their profound beliefs.

On my last day at the St. Albert Farmers’ Market, a woman approached me, and without preamble announced, “I’m awestruck by your writing.” More and more of my fans are asking how I could have written for nine years, following five generations of my family across the Canadian prairies over a period of 80 years. Whenever I contemplate my achievement, I too am wonderstruck. Although writing my trilogy has been my dream, my passion, and my destiny, I believe I could not have accomplished it without divine inspiration.

How vivid this intervention was, occurred to me at 3 p.m. on the Thursday afternoon of September 16, 2010. Hiking an elevated peak of the discovery trail around Jasper, I spied a park bench situated directly across from Whistlers. Unlike during my other mountain climbs, I decided to sit down. Within minutes, I received a command that precipitated the publication of my trilogy.

As I concluded at the launch of Choosing: 1940-1989 on September 29, 2013, “Become the master of your destiny, not a victim of your history.”

May you believe and trust in Jesus Christ, and bring Him the gift of your love as we celebrate “The Most Wonderful Birthday of All,” one that we always remember, and one that brings us together forever.



    • Sharon Brock

    • 11 years ago

    Hi Corinne
    I have loved reading your books. All the characters come alive and I can not put the book down. It is as if I am living the experiences you have put down on paper. You are an amazing writer and I have just begun to read your latest book “Choosing” I know I will be spellbound and am most anxious to hear of your next endeavour. I too believe that Jesus Christ must be a guide in your books as I know him to be alive in my life as well. Wishing you many blessings at this Christmas Season.


    1. Sharon – Merry Christmas to you as well! It is a wonderful gift to have people like you who enjoy my books so much.
      – Corinne

    • Lucille Mandin

    • 11 years ago

    Dear Corinne,

    I acknowledge your courage and tenacity as you diligently wrote for 9 years, about your life story. Such a narrative is so fundamental to all of us who also have our own story. Your are truly inspirational! May others follow your lead and like you, write their stories.

    In the spirit of Christmas, I share with you the belief that this is ‘the most wonderful birthday of all’.

    1. Lucille –
      Thank you for your praise. I encourage everyone to share their own stories though the medium that best expresses them. Happy holidays to you and your family!
      – Corinne

    • Lillian Vincent

    • 11 years ago

    Thank you for your post, The Most Wonderful Birthday of All. I too am a believer. And though Christmas traditions are wonderful and meaningful, the best part of Christmas is Jesus Christ. Without Him, there would be no holiday.

    God bless you.

    Lillian Vincent

    1. Lillian –
      Enjoy this magical season and may you feel the warmth of your faith all year long!

    • Judi Muscroft

    • 11 years ago

    Just read your latest blog-I thoroughly enjoyed your trilogy-#1 & 2 bought at the Farmers market and the 3rd at the book signing at the library. I look forward to reading them again in the new year. And I am not surprised about your faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ -I sensed it in your writing -I am a Christian also . Blessings to you and your family .

    1. Judi –
      Blessings to you and yours as well. I hope you enjoy Choosing– let me know what you think!

    • Maureen O'Connell

    • 11 years ago

    Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful inspiring Christmas Carol, “The Most Wonderful Birthday of All.” I just viewed Dame Kiri Te Kanawa’s performance on YouTube. Thank you also for the wonderful journey you took me on with your trilogy. From the first pages of “Arriving” I was hooked. Finishing “Choosing” was bittersweet as I did not want the story to end. You are such a talented writer. I’m glad you were inspired to follow your passion. We are all the more richer for it.

    1. Thank you so much Maureen. I am so happy nto hear that you took the journey with me and that you had a wonderful time doing it! Merry Christmas!

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