During a recent dinner with a long-time friend, whom I have not seen nearly often enough over the past two years, she asked, “What is the most exciting aspect of being an author?”

My response was instant and unequivocal: “I believe it is hearing and reading the delightful comments from so many of the people who are reading, or have read, Arriving.”

Here’s some of what people have said:

“I must say that I am really enjoying your book. As much as I like the history, I am more interested in finding out how your characters lived their lives.”

“I have never read such a descriptive book in all my life. I just loved it.”

“Your book is wonderful. I can’t wait to read what happens to your characters in the next book.”

“I can’t get any work done since I started reading Arriving. It follows me into the kitchen, the bathroom, everywhere I go.”

“Your characters are so full of contradictions; they are so real. I feel like I know them.”

“Your book has kept me up the last three nights. I just start to catch up with what is happening to one of your many memorable characters, and then you switch to another.”

Jack, my husband, aptly pointed out that “not one person has said anything negative about your book.” Although he may have been the first person to finish reading Arriving, he now listens as one of his friends provides him with an almost daily analysis of what is occurring as he progresses through my novel.

It is four weeks to the day since the launch of Arriving at Audreys Books on Jasper Avenue. This past month has been unbelievably busy, enjoyable, and at times, overwhelming—perhaps not surprisingly after eight reclusive years of sitting in front of my computer and writing my more than 800-page trilogy.

I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with friends and colleagues I have not seen for far too long, and meeting a host of new people at the German-Canadian Business and Professional Association of Alberta’s Gala Event, at Audreys Books, at Bacchus Café and Wine Bar, at the Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas Shopping Extravaganza at River Cree Resort and Casino, and on CTV Morning Live. My sincerest thank you to everyone who has come to congratulate and support me on my newest endeavour.

A very special thanks to Scott Hayes with the St. Albert Gazette and Glenn Cook with the St. Albert Leader for your wonderful articles in your respective newspapers. Thank you, Rob Carnie with CHAB Moose Jaw Radio, for the fun live   interview. And huge thanks to everyone with Understanding Ursula Productions for your incredible and unending expressions of encouragement along with your constant diligence.

I believe I have been given a unique opportunity to entertain my readers with Arriving. Your comments have been as rewarding as the joy I unfailingly experienced when writing my trilogy, and when I finally brought it to completion on March 2, 2011.

I have been rejuvenated with the publication of Arriving. I am living my dream, my passion, and my destiny; I have become the person I believe I was truly meant to be.



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