For 28 blissful mornings during my latest sojourn to Costa Rica, I awakened as the first rays of a new dawn shone through the sliding doors of my condo at the exquisite Villas Las Ventanas. Sounds of the morning enticed me to the balcony: doves cooing, roosters crowing, small birds twittering, and waves crashing in the distance.

As I strolled along the beach, I gazed at the cerulean waters of the Pacific Ocean stretching to the horizon where the azure sky created an infinite world of blue. Only the white peaks of breakers rushing to shore, and the black ubiquitous vulture tilting its silver-tipped wings as it circled and soared, punctuated the pristine coastline. While playing in the waves, I was mesmerized by the superb formations of brown pelicans diving for fish in the surf.

I have always considered the magic and beauty found in the natural world, and in human nature, equally appealing. Since I began my journey as an author, and particularly over the past five months since launching Choosing: 1940–1989, I have been so encouraged by comments from my readers.

“Corinne, I’m so lost. I’ve finished your trilogy, and now I can’t find another book to capture my interest.” – Sharon, St. Albert

“I think about the Werner family every day. Now that I have read your entire trilogy, I can’t get your characters out of my mind.” – Dionne, Grande Prairie

I am similarly inspired by devoted fans asking me to write something else. How about a prequel titled Departing: 1892–1908? Or a sequel to follow the trilogy, since there would now be two more generations of the memorable Werner family? Perhaps a cookbook? (No doubt with recipes of Amelia’s chicken dumpling soup and Gustav’s smoked sausage.) And, if not a continuation of the Werners, then how about I write a new trilogy?

After proofing, publishing, and launching three books within 23 months, innumerable appearances, and a host of book tours across the Canadian Prairies, I was nearly overwhelmed by the requirements of being an author. I realized that it was time to rejuvenate my body, mind, and spirit.

As I wandered day after day along the timeless expanse of the Pacific shore on Playa Junquillal, I often recalled this by an unknown author, “Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and, sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.”


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