Greetings to all of you – I hope you have managed to keep warm this month!

After a lovely Christmas holiday, I thought I would send a belated Christmas gift – an excerpt from my newest novel, The Reluctant Author. I am at the halfway point and very excited to know what you think!

“With little more than a glance of disdain, he carried on as though he was swatting a pesky mosquito on a muggy day.

On three separate occasions this week, and it was only Thursday, someone had barged in front of Laurine. At least, yesterday at the Safeway when it had occurred, and she had facetiously asked the young woman standing behind her in the queue if she could see her, they had shared a chuckle.

Her apparent invisibility was really starting to irk Laurine, and she pondered when she had first become aware of its existence. Unlike many women her age, she chose not to dye or tint her hair, never having any interest in changing her natural colour. And, she was not about to start now, particularly when her hairdresser of many years was far from the only one to admire her striking silver hair.

Still, it was hardly worth making a scene at the Main Post Office. Since she had become an author, Laurine, had been such a frequent patron sending her books near and far that she was a favourite with all the personnel, and she was averse to tainting her reputation because of an ill-mannered member of the opposite sex.”

I hope to have this finished and released as soon as humanly possible… wish me luck, and thank you for your patience!

The business of the season seems to have stuck with me… I have arranged a mini book tour to Lloydminster in April, and to Grande Prairie in June. For my daughter’s birthday and Mother’s Day in May, I am hoping to take the two of us to Jasper. (Please see below for my current 2020 bookings.)

I would like to share that I have never been to quite so many hockey games as this year.
Last spring, my grandson decided he was going to be on the highest competitive level of the local hockey team. He subsequently trained like a pro all summer and fall, and he did succeed. His determination, commitment, and effort were inspiring.

When not writing or enjoying hockey, I am of course reading. Recent novels I have read include:

The Lost Daughter by Gill Paul
The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney
A Long Time Gone by Karen White

I am currently reading Dreams of Falling by Karen White. Although her novels qualify as lighter holiday reading, she is an intriguing storyteller.

This will be my last newsletter for a while as I am going to focus on my novel and live life to the fullest. Please be sure to follow my Facebook page to get updates and stay in touch!


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