Welcome to the first of many blog posts about my writing, my inspiration, and my upcoming books! I have waited many years to put my ideas for a historical fiction novel down on paper and the day has finally (almost) arrived where I can see my words in hard copy. It’s a very exciting time!

My first novel, Arriving:1909–1919, is set to be officially released on October 29, 2011 – 3pm at Audrey’s Bookstore in Edmonton. I will do a short reading and sign your copies of the first of my Understanding Ursula trilogy. Come down if you’re in the area that day.

The support I have received while writing these novels from friends, family, and strangers(!) has been overwhelming. I am truly excited about putting this novel in your hands and showing you the fictitious Werner family with all of their triumphs and frailties.

Enjoy¬†Arriving:1909–1919 and lose yourself for a while on the golden plains of Saskatchewan!


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