A Visit to Keenooshayo School

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 7:31 pm by corinne No comments

Once again, I have returned from Keenooshayo School after thanking Mrs. Roach’s Grade Two Class for their special present of a book titled Mrs. Jeffery Is A Star!!

Their wonderful book includes a story written by each of them, and photos of us at my reading on February 15. They have made my day/week, and with their whole-hearted permission, I plan to take their gift with me on my many upcoming author readings/signings.


After my author reading/signing at the Primose Chateau in Saskatoon on Sunday,when a delightful senior was purchasing Arriving she instantly expressed, “And I would also like to buy a copy of Mrs. Jeffery is a Star!!”
There is indeed no higher praise.

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