Over the past three and a half years, I have received a host of wonderful emails from the readers of my Understanding Ursula trilogy.  A recent review touched me deeply, and I’d like to share Sandra Sopko’s comments with all of you.

“As I am a firm believer in the old adage that ‘everything happens for a reason’, I now know why I chanced upon Corinne Jeffery at the St. Albert Market on July 4, 2015 – it was for the sheer pleasure of meeting her and keeping me thoroughly entertained for three straight weeks with signed copies of the ‘Understanding Ursula’ trilogy!!!

‘Arriving’ is guaranteed to draw the reader in on the first page….(by the third chapter you realize that supper tonight will have to be left-overs as you can’t put the book down!)

Although my parents have told me many of their stories of living through The Great Depression in Eastern Canada,’Thriving’ makes the reader feel as if they are guests in the Warner kitchen…living through that time on the Canadian Prairies right along beside the Warner family in the heart of the Dust Bowl!

‘Choosing’ is chock full of surprises with characters so real you could almost swear you know them in real life. Be prepared for one big emotional roller coaster ride with twists and turns that one could never predict…

Who is Corinne Jeffery?…one of Canada’s best-kept secrets!
One word to describe her novels?…spellbinding!

If you haven’t discovered her ‘Understanding Ursula’ trilogy yet, you are missing out on some very fine entertainment penned by one heck of a storyteller!

Only disappointment?….there is no ‘Book Four’ in the series! (I know that ‘trilogy’ means three books but one can only hope…) I will be waiting!”

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