What a spring it has already been! I can’t believe it has been almost three months since I started to self-isolate. The current situation came as a bit of a shock to all of us I expect, and I hope you have all been taking care of yourselves and finding time to do things you enjoy. 

When the weather permits, I have been taking my much loved (and needed) walks through the forest, and spending time in my backyard with some very interesting books! Has reading been on the top of your priority list as well?  

For me, one very positive aspect of this lock-down has been the uninterrupted writing time I have had… And believe me, I have made very good use of it! I have included another unedited excerpt from my newly finished book, The Reluctant Author, below.  

As the scent of the succulent meat began to waft beyond the door of the kitchen, first one, a pair, then three more of the students came, until soon the small space was overflowing, and Laurine could scarcely move about to attend to her surreptitious culinary activity.

From the gathering crowd could be heard: “What is that delectable smell?” “Is it possible that someone is actually making a meal in our kitchen?” “I sure hope there is enough for all of us!” “Why wasn’t I invited, since most of you have eaten my food on more than one occasion?”

Laurine did not turn and look at the speaker of the last question, recognizing the strident tone in Brenda’s voice, although she was surprised that she had joined the group. Without a word, Laurine began to place a piece of meat on each small paper plate that she had snagged from her mother’s cupboard on her way out of the house. “I don’t have utensils so just use your fingers.”

“This is yummy.” “Can I have more?” “Where did you get this?” “What kind of meat is this?” “I’ve never tasted this before.” “So, what have you cooked?”
While Laurine maintained her taciturnity, questions changed to speculation, “Well, it sure isn’t beef.” “Nor does it taste like pork.” “But, it isn’t chicken, duck, or goose, all of which I’ve eaten.” “On the other hand, Laurine is from the country, so who knows, she could be feeding us rabbit, deer, moose, or even squirrel!”

The more her classmates tried to guess, the more reticent Laurine became. When the last morsel had been consumed, in a soft voice she declared…” 

I am now in the first stage of editing my book and am very excited to get it finished so you can all read it. There will likely be no launch event for this one, but hard cover, soft cover, and eBooks will be available from the FriesenPress Bookstore, can be ordered online, and printed on demand. 

I have greatly missed having my signings and seeing all of you these past three months, and I cannot wait to be able to chat in person, although I am told that author signings may not return until 2021. Until then, virtual communication seems to be working just fine. Speaking of which, if you are not following me on Facebook, please click here to get to my page and give it a Like. 

Until we meet again… Please stay healthy and safe. 


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