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Kind words for Lords and Lepers…

“I read your newest book Lords and Lepers & wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. You suggested to me not to start reading it in the evening for it was a real page turner & I found that to be accurately so. The characters & their trials became so lifelike & inviting. I look forward to reading your trilogy & any future books that may be published.”

“I’ve finished your once again delightful, poignant, and filled with wisdom book, Lords and Lepers. I actually feel sad when I finish reading your books! I wish the stories would go on forever. They are always so full of personalities that are true to life/reality. But the nice thing is one can read your books again and enjoy them 100%.

Capturing the ‘everyday’ essence of people and their lives is a gift/talent and YOU HAVE IT. Congratulations!” Rosemary

Lords and Lepers is an engaging period piece with protagonists whose stories are not easily forgotten.” – Foreword Clarion review
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“It was well worth the wait for Lords and Lepers. You become so immersed in the characters that you don’t want to put the book down. The story grabs you from the start as you want to find out more about each character and how things turn out for them.” Shari

What you think of the Understanding Ursula trilogy…

“My husband took Arriving and Thriving with him to Arizona and read them both in the first week he was there – he was really captivated with them. Then our neighbor, Maxine, borrowed the books – she couldn’t put the books down – her poor husband didn’t get fed for a few days while she was reading them!  Now they’re begging for the 3rd book!” Janet

“I love your book, I have cried so many times already.” Sandi 

“…I have read the book twice. Reading it twice is still so intriguing and mesmeriz[ing]. Cannot wait till the 2nd book is released.” Judy

“I can’t wait to see what happens next….” Edna

“I have… read Arriving and am looking forward to the next instalment.  Wondering when book 2 is due to be out?” Heather

[It’s] “…dynamic in that almost every chapter has a new plot so one has to read on to see what unfolds…your characters are so technicolor awful, saintly  or just other, that I have to shake my head at the vividness of it all.” Dianne

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Arriving: 1909 – 1919
# 14 – Audrey’s Top 25 Fiction Titles from 2011
# 1 – Saskatoon McNally Robinson Booksellers Top Title List from March 2012
# 5 – Edmonton Fiction Bestsellers Lists
#1 – Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Drama > Canadian
#1 – Books > Literature & Fiction > Canadian > Drama
#1 – Books > Literature & Fiction > Drama > Canadian

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Thriving: 1920 – 1939
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Choosing 1940 – 1989
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